SOSEE is an international NGO that provides a major contribution to the country’s development. All non-adopted children are cared for until they come of age, and often beyond. The Foster Care program, unique in Ethiopia, was launched in 2000 in the community of Burayou. Its mission is totally different from the Sponsorship program, as it is for families to host children from the SOSEE’s institution aged over 12 years.

In order to support the children in their transition to adulthood, SOSEE has set up the VTPC (Vocational Training and Production Center) in the city of Burayou. This center offers a range of training: agriculture, wood, metal, and bamboo. The training provided allows the apprentice to receive a diploma that enables him to find work more easily. VTPC also organizes the schooling, sports activities, provides tutoring, and arranges their spare time and the medical follow-ups for these children.

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