In 1988, when Mrs. Jacqueline Ferez started, the sponsorship program in Addis Ababa, she quickly decided to launch a handicraft cooperative in Aware to train the mothers of sponsored children and then give them a regular income through their handicraft production, either within the cooperative or at home. SOSEE then set up another cooperative in Burayou when a similar sponsorship program was started for children in this city.

he cooperative is a business entity based on the principle of cooperation. It aims to serve the best economic interests of its participants. Through this system, SOSEE allows a group of people to undertake training in crafts. People eligible for this program are primarily a member of a family whose child is sponsored (mother, father, sister, brother), but the kebele (local authority) may also appoint members of a family living in very difficult conditions. Thus, the cooperative project allows an individual to support themselves. Following their training, trainees receive a certificate to work primarily as self-employed (the apprentice can keep the equipment he/she used in his/her training) or in the craft shops of SOSEE. Through these cooperatives, SOSEE has created a small domestic market where products manufactured are sold to the Ethiopian communities and the travelers. Thus, the money raised helps the sustain these cooperatives, educate of many children, and train people for professions.


Photo de la coopérative de burayou

Founded in 2001, on the grounds of the training center, the cooperative of Burayou is located around 15 kilometers from Addis Ababa. 9 people are employed permanently by SOSEE for this project led by Mihiret. Currently, there are 54 apprentices paid 180 birrs per month, which is low, but they also benefit from sponsorship. Then the length of training is 18 months divided into three periods: the apprentice learns embroidery for 6 months, sewing for 6 months, and weaving during the last 6 months. This plurality of teaching allows the learner to discover what is a good fit for them so they can specialize in a specific trade.


Photo de la coopérative d'Aware

Founded in 1991, the cooperative of Aware, located on the east side of Addis Ababa, allows SOSEE to employ 17 people. Mr. Endeshaw is the manager of this cooperative and is also the manager of the sponsorship program. He works at Toukoul and delegates certain responsibilities to Nigata Kebede who oversees on-site. Currently, there are 33 apprentices, but this number may vary. The cost of transportation is covered by the association. The cooperative has a dozen sewing machines and around twenty looms. There are four specializations: production of wicker baskets, sewing, embroidery, and weaving. The apprentice works half a day over a period of one year.

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