The specialized building for the children with severe disabilities and HIV positive

The association must manage the daily life of twenty children and adolescents who are severely handicapped (physically and/or mentally) that can live together with the other children. Lack of space and inadequate resources had, until now, made it difficult to appropriately care for these children. The new construction of the orphanage in Gelan, on a large plot of 10,000 m2, was built in order to allocate an area of approximately 1000 m2 for the realization of this prioritized project. Building plans, and a total area of approximately 650 m2, are modeled after similar installations in France, so as to provide children with disabilities and caregivers the best living conditions and care possible. But the construction of these buildings can not be started until the necessary budget of $260 000 ($195 000 for the buildings and $65 000 for the equipments) have been met.

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