The renovation project of the primary school in Gelan

We were contacted by the Municipal authorities from the town of Gelan to participate in the reconstruction phases of the elementary school located about fifty meters from the new orphanage of SOSEE.

The photos of existing premises, unhealthy buildings without doors and windows, total lack of sanitation facilities for the 700 children attending this school, show the need to justify the extreme urgency of this project.

It should be noted that this school, once rehabilitated, will allow not only the children of the town of Gelan but also those of the orphanage of SOSEE in Gelan, to benefit from the buildings and decent sanitation facilities.

It is with the company YGF Services Plc that SOSEE is planning to start the first phase of this project shown on the attached prospective plan.

The estimate of work required for the first phase is 725,000 birr, $42,000 or 30,000€.

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