The construction of new orphanages in Arba Minch and Awassa

During the year 2010 we realized that it was necessary to build permanent admission centers for the care of children in the southern part of Ethiopia. It is in this region that the needs of home and child care is most needed because the children to be rescued are in large numbers, and the houses for rent for their accommodation most often are in poor condition. In addition, the authorities in the Southern region admit more and more difficultly in the fact that SOSEE keeps the children on site temporarily and sends them very quickly to its facilities in Addis Ababa, SOSEE does this because they do not have sufficient qualified staff or adequate facilities on site.

In Arba Minch we plan to acquire land of 450 m² which adjoins the one on which the admissions centers of Ms. Tsehay is built. There are already foundations and we could inexpensively build a small orphanage to accommodate around 40 children in good conditions permanently. The necessary investment should not exceed $80 000 (including the purchase of land for $16 000) which we must add $13 000 for the equipment (beds, wardrobes, materials for the kitchen and the refectory, equipment for the clinic and for fun activities and entertainment, etc).

We also plan to build in Awassa, the capital of the Southern region, an orphanage a little larger, which will be able to accommodate 75 children permanently. It will be built on a large plot of 5000 m2 located in front of the training center and production of “Hawassa”’s facilities of which we are the administrative and financial coordinators. The investment required for construction is $130 000 and an additional $33 000 for equipment.

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