VTPC and Fosters - 2010


207 adolescents, including 45 from the community are placed in 83 foster families in Burayou from the age of 12. 15 adolescents among the older ones are placed in rental homes close to their schools and universities. Within a year now, the system of rental yields good results without drifting and without an impact on their school performances. Therefore, we decided to continue. We put the most resources possible in the education of the youth; some of them are now at the university. We have provided them funds to purchase laptops. School results are better every year, thanks to our social workers who track their school work and encourage the adolescents in this way.
The older ones who make it through university successfully are good role models. The amount paid to the foster families for the children placed in their homes will be increased to 50 birr per month in January 2011 or 430 birr per month per child. We are also increasing the allocation of adolescents to purchase clothing.
The first HIV-positive child of VTPC was placed in foster family, she is a 14 year old girl placed with a single lady who did not hesitate to accept her. It is a step towards integrating these children in particular in an Ethiopian society and we hope that continues. We have taken all the precautions information and training to do so. The remuneration of the family is a little bit more, because the meals must be more varied and rich. Monitoring on the VTCP’s nurses part is reinforced.

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