Place :

Launch date
of the project :


Number of concerned
teenagers :

More than 275

Age of concerned
teenagers :

From 13 to 18 years

Summary of the project :
In Burayou
some selectionned family, followed and financed by SOSEE receive teenagers from SOSEE centers.

Objective :
Promoting social insertion of teenagers.

The foster family program

The purpose of this project is to promote social integration and to follow the family relationships of the not adopted child at the age of 13. It promotes a good self-development by learning the art of living, for example, accepting the community by participating in various household tasks and taking responsibility.

A foster family must be able to give love as if the foster child was their own and they must behave like an ordinary family. Currently, over 275 teenagers are placed in 208 families. These families are volunteers that come first to register and after verification they get permission to host a child through SOSEE. A family can accommodate up to 4 children of the institution. However, it is imperative that the family provides a clean and private room to welcome the children with boys and girls sleeping separately. The family must be able, with the budget that is paid by SOSEE complementing its normal income, to take responsibility in a satisfying manor the expenditures for maintenance, education and the child’s development. The character of the child does not come into consideration in the choice of families, because the behavior may change during the placement. Children at the orphanage do not always behave the same way outside. Families receive 430 birrs (for the year 2011) per month and per child to provide for the proper physical development of the child. The association pays directly for the expenditures on education, health and hygiene supplies, clothing , organizing tutoring classes, sports and cultural activities, the annual outing to discovery of the country, etc.

We must remember the vital presence of the 4 social workers in the center of SOSEE in Burayou. They developed a contract in which SOSEE and the host family has rights and obligations. First, SOSEE should give monthly pocket money and must provide the necessary furniture. In return, the family should behave properly with the child and ensure a proper lifestyle. The work of social workers is to check if everything goes well. The child has the opportunity to come to the center whenever he/she wishes, outside school hours and with the consent of the host family. During these moments of presence in VTPC, the social worker verifies that the child is well fed, well dressed and that he/she is healthy and is going to school. In case of disagreement between the teenager and the family, the role of social worker is to encourage discussion in order to improve the situation. The contract between the family and SOSEE ends when the child has the capacity to take charge. Generally, the child leaves the family at 18 years old. This program is very good, the teenagers are doing well, and their school results are improving constantly. When the child leaves the foster home, because he/she found a job or has finished his/her studies, SOSEE offers him/her an additional salary to make up minimum wage or a financial assistance to start a self-employed project.

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