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Summary of the project :
This project manages the activities of the teenagers in foster families and a craft production center offers training in various fields.

Objective :
Contribute to improving living conditions through a recognized training.

The training and production center
in Burayou

Established since 2001, the SOSEE training center in Burayou is headed by Mr Girma who coordinates and supervises the various activities. He has the help of 8 administrative employees (secretaries, accountants, cashiers). Education professionals monitor and support all youth attending schools in Addis Ababa. Additionally, the center organizes and funds the bus transportation to schools. The production center offers training and production activities in the fields of agriculture, metal work, wood and bamboo. This training consists of 30% theory and 70% practice and lasts 10 months. After this period, a professional certificate is issued and certified by the Federal Bureau Oromo.

The apprentices may be youth placed in foster families or residents of the community in Burayou. There are no special conditions, although it is necessary that the person is able to count. These apprentices are paid 50 birrs per month when they are external to the institution and 100 birrs for the youth of SOSEE. In return for this compensation, they have to work during part of their free time (outside of training or schooling time). Such training is an opportunity to become a professional and have a better chance of finding a job. The objectives of SOSEE are to improve the living conditions of the apprentices by providing them an accredited training.

This project also benefits various projects of SOSEE and the community in Burayou. For example, the fabrication of doors, children’s beds, windows, offices ... allow the equipment for the other projects of SOSEE. This training center can produce the necessary materials for children placed in foster families and has helped to build the frames, doors, closets and double beds for the new orphanage in Gelan. There is also a dairy farm in the center of Burayou. There are 43 dairy cows and a small unit of cheese production. However, this production has been reduced because it was more interesting to sell the milk without processing. It is intended that this dairy farm is transferred to Sululta (around 20 km from Addis Ababa) as it has become nuisance in a city populated with tens of thousands residents.

The VTPC is a real springboard for the apprentices. While in possession of their certificate, SOSEE helps them find work through a professional that approaches companies looking for work opportunities.

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