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SOS Enfants Ethiopie was created over 20 years ago in 1989 by Jacqueline and Yves Ferez. This NGO, whose goal is to help orphaned and abandoned children, had originally built an orphanage to accommodate around fifty children in Addis Ababa. Thanks to the help of other NGOs and donors, mostly French, SOSEE was quickly able to build other facilities for the admission of children and to recruit and train specialized staff. Therefore, SOSEE has been able to help more and more needy children. Today SOSEE includes orphanages, learning centers, cereal and horticultural farms and around twenty admission centers located throughout the country.

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SOSEE makes great effort to adapt and work in solidarity with the local population of 85 million Ethiopians. Thus, staffs employed in these projects are exclusively Ethiopian and are from all regions of the country.  With a surface area of over 1.1 million km2, Ethiopia is surprisingly diverse.  From mountains where the rains are abundant and temperatures pleasant, to dry desert areas, Ethiopia is a country of many different landscapes.  These various regions are home to more than 80 distinct tribes, cultures, and languages. Even amidst this extreme diversity, the people of Ethiopia remain united in a very deep sense of belonging to one nation.

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