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SOS Enfants Éthiopie thanks the associations and the private donors for their financial support without which many projects would not have been possible. However, SOSEE continuously needs donations to continue to work towards children in need and provide the admitted children a satisfactory quality of life. So if you wish to help SOSEE's actions to persist, different initiatives are possible :

Sponsorship : This program offers an individual to sponsor one of the children aged 6 to 12 years old living in in Burayou in the orphanage of SOSEE, to enable him to attend school and be supported by SOSEE. The sponsor pays a monthly sum of 30 € (or $40) to SOSEE and will receive, in the case of an individual sponsorship, a follow-up regarding the sponsored child’s changing life conditions and achievements. In the case of a collective sponsorship, the annual follow-up will cover the updates of the group of children assisted thanks to these collective sponsorships. Sponsors who wish to continue the sponsorship of the child after the age of 12 can because the child will then be placed by SOSEE in foster family in the community of Burayou until the age of 18.

Financial donation : It is possible to make a financial donation via the internet. Provided by Paypal, the process is secure and the payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank. SOSEE, mindful of the financial requirements that it requires to sustain its action, does not require minimum amounts. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Donation in kind : The orphanages and the centers are well equipped in clothes and games. It will be most useful to send infant formulas, because they are too expensive in Ethiopia. However, the expiry date must be at least 1 year after the arrival of the formulas in the centers of SOSEE. The shipment of construction equipment is also welcome.

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